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Obama spoke to U.S. troops in Tampa, Florida. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
U.S. President Barack Obama spoke Wednesday saying he will not deploy U.S. ground troops to Iraq.
04:55 GMT
That “dream” home can quickly turn into a nightmare if you’re constantly struggling to make payments on it.
Qatar has issued a new law to regulate charities in the Gulf state amid growing concern in the West over funding received by Islamic State militants.
04:55 GMT
Qatar has faced growing criticism, as the tiny Gulf state has used its hydrocarbon wealth to back a wide range of Islamists across the region.
The banking industry may be in worse shape than many think. On Tuesday Twitter user @fuatavni revealed the names of eight banks that he maintains are in financial difficulties.
04:55 GMT
“You can't run a mill with a bucket of water,” Erdoğan said.
Etihad has forged 47 codeshare partnerships with different airlines globally, 21 in Europe alone.
04:55 GMT
European airlines have finally opened up to Gulf carriers, forging partnerships and selling stakes, after decades of distrust and allegations of unfair competition.
But Egypt wants long-term investments to improve the country's economy, which has been suffering ever since an uprising toppled President Hosni Mubarak in 2011.
01:23 GMT
Egypt's finance minister is predicting growth rates of up to 6 percent within three years, which would mark a major turnaround following three years of political turmoil that has crippled the economy.

September 17, 2014

Barcelona 1-0 APOEL: Pique heads hosts to unconvincing victory
22:39 GMT
The centre-back proved to be the difference as Luis Enrique's first European game in charge of the Catalan club ended with a win
Chelsea 1-1 Schalke: Fabregas strike not enough for below-par Blues
22:37 GMT
The Spaniard had given the hosts the lead although Klaas-Jan Huntelaar struck past Thibaut Courtois in the second half to secure a point for the Bundesliga outfit
Bayern Munich 1-0 Manchester City: Boateng breaks Hart's resistance
22:35 GMT
The England goalkeeper was finally beaten late on having kept out Pep Guardiola's side for the majority of the 90 minutes as City suffered defeat in their group stage opener
Obama's administration recently stated they were considering putting troops on the ground in Iraq. (AFP/File)
20:00 GMT
A new video released by the Islamic State directly threatens U.S. President Barack Obama and the U.S. with impending war.
Prime Minister Abadi wants the international community to extend the fight to Syria. (AFP/File)
19:00 GMT
Iraq's new prime minister said in an interview Wednesday that foreign ground troops are neither necessary or welcome in Iraq.
Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra expressed his willingness to work towards peace in Libya. (AFP/File)
18:00 GMT
Algeria has officially expressed readiness to host negotiations between rival Libyan parties.

The Middle East experienced a decline in its billionaire population over the past year.
17:14 GMT
The Middle East experienced a decline in its billionaire population over the past year.
Meanwhile Qatar’s emir also asserted that his country does not finance any terrorist organisations in Syria or Iraq and has never done so
17:02 GMT
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she expected cooperation with Qatar in the energy sector to grow in the years ahead, saying progress was already being made in the area of liquefied natural gas (LNG)
Local governments are investigating the incident to find out how the batches were tainted. (AFP/File)
17:00 GMT
At least 36 children have died after receiving tainted measles vaccines at U.N. clinics.
Bono, the lead singer for Irish rock band U2 , sings to the crowd.
16:33 GMT
Apparently Apple dropped 100 million bucks on the new U2 album so they can give it away for free to their customers but some don't want it; how is a closet sized bathroom at all useful? and twelve things to do in Beirut before October.
The foundation work for the state-of-the-art school has begun at a cost of BD4.6 million ($12.2 million), it added.
16:22 GMT
The foundation work for the state-of-the-art school has begun at a cost of BD4.6 million ($12.2 million), it added.
Growth, spurred largely by international donor funds, has been decelerating since 2012 and slowed to less than 2 percent in 2013.
16:11 GMT
Its report, issued three weeks after a truce, said a strong world response to rebuilding needs could ultimately spur economic growth.
The United Nations mission in Libya has warned that the security situation is rapidly deteriorating. (AFP/File)
16:00 GMT
At least nine people have been killed in Libya in heavy fighting between forces loyal to General Haftar and armed militiamen.
Asia and Turkey will also remain the most important trade partners of the UAE in terms of imports.
15:55 GMT
The UAE is likely to remain top export destination for India till 2030, and China is forecast to emerge as the second largest export market, displacing the US.
Although housing prices have continued to surge throughout the year, prices have also soared, particularly in İstanbul and other major urban centers.
14:49 GMT
İstanbul housing prices shot up 21.65 percent in August year-on-year, according to figures from real estate market analyst Reidin.
Lady Gaga loved the Middle East, but did the Middle East love her? (Image: Facebook)
14:27 GMT
Many seats at Lady Gaga's Dubai gig remained empty, but it gave the true fans more room to "Just Dance".
Ramez terrified Athar to death (not literally) on his popular prank show! (Image: Albawaba edit)
14:25 GMT
If you thought Ramez Galal and Athar al Hakim have sorted things out by now, think again!
The Syrian civil war has displaced millions. (AFP/File)
14:01 GMT
Government air strikes have killed roughly 48 people in Homs province.
Bikya is just one of the bands that are about to take Europe by storm. (Image: Facebook)
14:00 GMT
Some of Egypt's most creative electronic and mahraganat artists are traveling through European cities this fall to spread the Cairo love.
"Painted Skin" was one of the most successful movies in China in 2008. (Image:
13:41 GMT
An exciting Chinese film festival will be held in Iran this September!
Yemen's Houthis have been staging mass protests in a bid to press President Hadi to step down. (AFP/File)
13:41 GMT
At least 65 Houthis have been killed in clashes in northern Yemen.
Cat Stevens is coming, America!
13:29 GMT
One of the UK's most prominent Muslim convert artists is headed to Toronto on December 1st to kick start his North American tour.
Chelsea v Schalke 04: UCL Preview and Projected lineups
13:23 GMT
Chelsea (0-0-0) have already staked a claim to their place in the English Premier League with four outstanding performances. Now they will look to do to the same in Europe as Jose Mourinho will be set to see how his updated squad does on the biggest stage.
Bayern Munich v Manchester City: UCL Preview and Projected Lineups
13:13 GMT
Bayern Munich (0-0-0) have started their domestic campaign off with two wins and a draw from three and are ripe to get their European season off on the right foot. However, multiple injuries will see a makeshift side one more from Pep Guardiola and could give their visitors an edge.
Samir Ghanem has officially filed a complaint against the "Spoiled Girls" producer. (Image: Facebook)
12:45 GMT
Samir Ghanem is one unhappy actor after not getting his cash money for the Ramadan drama.
Jahida Wehbe is one of the performing artists coming to Mishkal this year. (Image: Facebook)
12:11 GMT
With performers like Jahida Wehbe and Ziad al-Ahmadie and his band, you know it's gonna be good this year.
Twenty-two Lebanese soldiers are being held by Nusra Front militants (File/AFP)
12:07 GMT
Militants from Nusra Front have threatened to kill one of 22 kidnapped Lebanese soldiers, according to a statement on Facebook.
Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant wearing a headband of "Al-Quds Brigades". [AFP]
11:45 GMT
A public opinion poll published on Tuesday showed that half of the Palestinian public supports an armed intifada against Israel.
Assaf is up against four other Middle Eastern artists for an MTV EMA award! (Image: Facebook)
11:36 GMT
Palestinian superstar Mohammad Assaf is up against four other Middle Eastern artists in the regional category for an MTV EMA award.
Egypt's foreign minister, Sameh Shukri called contents of the EU statement "false charges" (File/AFP)
11:31 GMT
Egyptian officials summoned EU ambassadors over a "negative" statement on human rights and terrorism in the country.
Islamic State terrorists have taken control of parts of Iraq and Syria since June (File/AFP)
11:10 GMT
Iraqi forces battled Islamic State militants north of the capital Baghdad, which has been under siege for over two months.
An Iranian Kurdish female member of the Freedom Party of Kurdistan (PAK) keeps a position in Dibis, some 50 kms northwest of Kirkuk, on September 15, 2014. [AFP]
10:55 GMT
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has highlighted Iran’s status in the Middle East, saying the Islamic Republic plays an important role in the establishment of regional peace.
Saudi businesswoman and member of a human rights group fined for driving herself to hospital. [Reuters]
10:49 GMT
In Saudi Arabia, it is not illegal for women to drive but, rather illegal for them to be granted a driver’s license.
The driver's father was killed after being serially injured in the crash (File/AFP)
10:46 GMT
It's a good idea to get some kip before you drive, which a 20-year-old found out the hard way after he crashed his car due to tiredness, killing his father.
Are Dima and Taim secretly thinking of getting back together? (Image: Facebook)
09:52 GMT
A bunch of intimate pix of Dima Bayaa and Taim Hassan surfacing the Internet arose suspicions that the two may be getting back together!
Palestinian bagpipers back the big vote for Scottish independence (File/AFP)
09:45 GMT
While the Scottish independence debate continues, Palestinian bagpipers have put their musical instruments and their support behind the big Yes vote.
Australia's prime minister-elect Tony Abbott. [AFP]
09:45 GMT
Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australian troops in Iraq will not engage in combat operations in the crisis-hit country.
Friend zone: Dolly and Bakhous are no longer married! (Image: Facebook)
08:17 GMT
Dolly Shahine has no problem mixing business with pleasure. That's why she's divorced her hubby but kept him on her payroll!
Mufid Elfgeeh is charged with trying to provide material support to ISIS.
08:09 GMT
Rochester, New York, man has been indicted on charges of trying to provide material support to the Islamic State militant group and attempting to murder US soldiers, the US Justice Department said on Tuesday.
An image grab taken from a propaganda video uploaded on June 11, 2014 by jihadist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).
07:56 GMT
Islamic State militants are better resourced than any other terrorist group, according to intelligence officials.
Rory McIlroy
07:50 GMT
Rory McIlroy has been named winner of the PGA of America Player of the Year 2013-14 and has also won the Vardon Trophy for the stellar performance that he put up last year.
Yazidi women from Iraq mourn the losses caused by ISIL.
07:29 GMT
Foreign journalists all confirm that thousands of Yazidi women are being used a sex slaves by ISIL but if Obama keeps his word, help is on the way; Kurds may decide to annex Northern Iraq; and Sisi commands people to give charity to his government.
Pupils, both Christian and Moslem, take their baccalauréat exams in Bangui on September 16, 2014. Despite the security situation, the examinations are being held in several towns of the country, including those under the control of the ex-Séléka. (AFP / Pacôme PABANDJI)
07:11 GMT
Pupils, both Christian and Moslem, take their baccalauréat exams in Bangui on September 16, 2014.
Palestinian students are seen through a damaged wall standing in a classroom at a government school in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza City on September 14, 2014 on the first day of the new school year. [AFP]
06:35 GMT
The United Nations (UN) has reached an agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel to rehabilitate the infrastructure in the Gaza Strip destructed in the recent Israeli onslaught on the besieged area.
Lawyers who gained access to Palestinian inmates confirmed signs of torture (File/AFP)
06:23 GMT
Lawyers from the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) have confirmed evidence of torture after visiting prisoners in Israeli jails.
Helped by a firmer US economy, China’s exports have picked up recently to be a rare source of cheer in an otherwise gloomy data landscape.
05:55 GMT
China’s foreign direct investment in August fell to a low not seen in at least two and a half years, underscoring the challenges to growth facing the world’s second-biggest economy.
 These meetings form part of the mandatory updates required to be provided to the BIE as Dubai prepares for the submission of all requirements to seek formal approval at the next critical registration phase in November 2015.
05:55 GMT
The expansive Dubai Trade Centre-Jebel Ali complex features a centrepiece Dubai Expo 2020 gated facility spread across 150 hectares and a surrounding residential, hospitality and logistics zone.
 This time round, in contrast to previous bouts of weakness in the shekel in recent times, it looks as though the trend is here to stay for a while.
05:55 GMT
"The economy is slowing down sharply," Carmeli warns, "and when you combine this with the fact that Israel is part of the global picture, it's likely that the shekel will continue to weaken."
The Muslim Brotherhood was declared a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government in February. (AFP/File)
05:00 GMT
Egyptian authorities have arrested four "terrorist cells" formed by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Consuming raw meat and blood is haram! (Shutterstock)
05:00 GMT
While most school girls seek out sweet delights at their candy store, these Egyptian sisters can't get enough blood and offal from their local butchers!
Almost two-thirds (65 per cent) of wealthy individuals in the UAE identified strong economic security and opportunity as the key factor behind their decision to reside within the country over the next five years
04:55 GMT
Among the UAE HNWIs the report referenced a strong leaning towards religion, ethnicity, extended family and local community leading as being key drivers of their sense of nation.
The Suze Canal
04:55 GMT
The Suez Canal corridor project planned by a consortium led by Dar Al-Handasah will cost $220 billion over fifteen years, said Ashraf Salman, Egypt's investment minister,
The granting of the Unit Three and Four construction licence followed an intensive 18-month review by about 200 FANR and other technical experts.
04:55 GMT
The UAE has approved the construction of two additional nuclear power reactors at the Barakah site in the Western Region of the Abu Dhabi emirate by the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (Enec)

September 16, 2014

Real Madrid 5-1 Basel: Bale, Ronaldo & Co. slice through Swiss
22:50 GMT
Carlo Ancelotti's men had been under pressure heading into their first European clash of the season, but a first-half flurry ensured they eased to three points
Borussia Dortmund 2-0 Arsenal: Immobile & Aubameyang strikes down woeful Gunners
22:48 GMT
The German side threatened to run riot against the north Londoners, with the two goalscorers particularly impressive in a high-intensity performance from BVB
Liverpool 2-1 Ludogorets: Talisman Gerrard scores dramatic late winner
22:42 GMT
The Reds skipper stepped up to score from 12 yards in injury time, just moments after the Bulgarian minnows had grabbed a dramatic equaliser at Anfield on Tuesday
The recent war damaged or destroyed nearly 17,000 houses. (AFP/File)
20:22 GMT
Now that the war has stopped, Gazans must work to rebuild their homes.
The Iraqi army has been battling IS militants since June. (AFP/File)
20:02 GMT
Iraqi troops have launched a major offensive near the town of Jurf al-Sakhar to flush out Islamic State militants.
The United States has been conducting air strikes against IS militants in Iraq. (AFP/File)
18:47 GMT
U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel testified Tuesday before the Senate Armed Services Committee concerning the military strategy to combat the Islamic State.
The U.S. has said it will not work with Assad. (AFP/File)
17:53 GMT
A top Iraqi official met with Syrian President Bashar Assad Tuesday to discuss terrorism in the region.
Debuchy sidelined for up to three months
16:23 GMT
The Frenchman suffered ankle ligament damage against Manchester City on Saturday and is now set for a lengthy spell on the sidelines following scans on the problem
Armed militias have rapidly gained power since the fall of Gaddafi. (AFP/File)
16:15 GMT
The United Nations mission in Libya has warned that a rapidly deteriorating security and deepening political divisions have brought Libya to the brink of chaos.
An Egyptian misdemeanour appeals court has upheld a previous ruling sentencing construction tycoon Nassef Sawiris to three years of jail time and a LE50 million ($7 million) fine for failing to pay a settlement to Egypt's Tax Authority.
15:52 GMT
The original in-absentia ruling had been appealed in July, but Sawiris, former CEO of construction and fertilizer producer Orascom Construction Industries, failed to attend the appeals court session on Sunday.
Shares in Arabtec jumped 3.7 per cent on Monday following a report that its former chief executive Hasan Ismaik had agreed to sell half of his 27.9 per cent stake in the firm to Abu Dhabi state fund Aabar Investments.
15:45 GMT
Arabtec "does not have the information" on such a deal, it said in a bourse statement.
ICD is also developing the new Atlantic Hotel and Resort in Sanya city in Hainan Province, China, in cooperation with Kerzner.
15:31 GMT
Investment Corp of Dubai (ICD), the UAE emirate's sovereign wealth fund, will be developing a 800-room luxury hotel on Palm Jumeirah at a cost of $1.5 billion in partnership with Kerzner International Holdings.
Jihad = the Crusades are still alive! Hold your horses, drop your swords and defuse your suicide bombs! “Jihad” does not necessarily refer to a holy war. The literal meaning of the word is “struggle” or “effort”. The Quran refers to two forms of Jihad: removing obstacles between people and their faith, and a person’s inner struggle.
15:26 GMT
The FBI says that only six percent of terrorist attacks on home soil were executed by Islamic terrorists. How many “facts” do you believe that are simply slanted spin? Join us as we smite Muslim myths and misconceptions to set the Islamic record straight!
Technology will play a critical role in the implementation of these projects.
15:25 GMT
This makes the kingdom the Middle East’s largest megaproject market by a wide margin,
The majority of Iraqi parliament nominees were confirmed last week. (AFP/File)
15:24 GMT
Iraqi lawmakers rejected Prime Minister Abadi's nominees for defense minister and interior minister Tuesday.
Caroline Wozniacki
15:14 GMT
Former world number one Caroline Wozniacki, who just appeared in her first Grand Slam final in five years, has said that she is ready to contend for more major titles.
The Suez Canal project includes the development of 76,000 sq km around the canal into an international industrial and logistics hub to attract more ships and generate income.
15:12 GMT
Fund-raising has closed and Egyptians will no longer be able to buy the investment certificates now that the initial goal of 60 billion pounds ($8 billion) has been exceeded, the governor said.
Millions of Syrians have been forced to flee the ongoing violence. (AFP/File)
14:44 GMT
United Nations investigators released a new report Tuesday with more details of atrocities in Syria.
Real Madrid squad
13:35 GMT
Real Madrid (0-0-0) have struggled so far this season and after a weekend loss to rivals Atletico Madrid the defending European champions will be looking to right their ship. Carlo Ancelotti is expected to pull out all the stops to ensure his club get off to a winning return to Europe.
Yemen's Houthis have complained about being marginalized by the government (File/AFP)
13:17 GMT
Twenty-two people were killed in Yemen after clashes erupted between Houthi rebels and local Sunni tribesmen backed by the government.
Nelly used to be a ballet dancer, which means taking on the role of Samia Gamal should be almost a walk in the park for her. (Image: Facebook)
12:54 GMT
There's a thing or two you didn't know about Nelly Karim and the role she'll be playing next!
Haifa Wehbe is standing up to her ex at last. (Image: Facebook)
12:23 GMT
So much for standing in good terms with the ex. Haifa Wehbe speaks up about her former spouse's claims that she's in a love affair with her director.
"Watch out: Bump Ahead": Check out this funny shirt worn by a prego Yosra El Lozy. (Image: Facebook)
12:13 GMT
Watch out: bump ahead!
Egypt's security forces have clashed more often with militants in recent months , causing tension (File/AFP)
12:03 GMT
Six Egyptian policemen were killed and two injured in the North Sinai after an explosion struck an armoured vehicle.
Nour El Sherif deserves his accolades.
11:58 GMT
He's a man worthy of recognition, but Nour El Sherif was still deeply touched when he received three awards for his accomplishments in cinema.
Young Turks are believed to be attracted to the Islamic State for financial reasons, according to the report (File/AFP)
11:44 GMT
Up to a thousand Turks have joined Islamic State militants inside Iraq and Syria, according to government officials and media reports.
David Haines was beheaded in a gruesome Islamic State propaganda video (Image: Facebook)
11:25 GMT
The teenage daughter of David Haines wrote a heartfelt Facebook post after her father's death, saying she was "touched and grateful" for the messages of support.
Nusra Front suffered heavy casualties after clashes with Lebanon's army (File/AFP)
11:06 GMT
Lebanon's army clashed with Nusra Front fighters overnight on the country's border with Syria, killing dozens of militants.
Tony Bennett giving his fans a thumbs up! (Image: Facebook)
11:01 GMT
When asked for his first impressions of Israel, Bennett said: “I love it. The audience is so beautiful. Everybody’s so friendly. It’s my first time here, and they treated me a like an old-timer. Couldn’t be better.”
One dirham is roughly 28 American cents (Image: Google)
10:52 GMT
With the rise in housing costs and inflation, there's probably not much you can buy for 1 dirham (28 cents), but here are a few ideas; a pen, boat ride, or even some ice-cream if you're lucky!
Borussia Dortmund v Arsenal: Preview and projected lineups
10:52 GMT
Borussia Dortmund (0-0-0) face Arsenal in the group stages for the third time in four years and the two sides are quickly becoming major European rivals. With the Gunners having gotten the better of the results over their four meetings, Jurgen Klopp will be looking to a home victory and nothing less.
Elissa garners some birthday love for Wael Kfoury on Twitter. (Image: screenshot from Twitter)
10:49 GMT
With a #happybirthdaywaelkfoury campaign, Elissa single-handedly assured her beloved superstar got some special Twitter treatment on his birthday.
A block of swiss cheese. (Wikipedia)
10:41 GMT
To get Egypt and Saudi's support, the U.S. must condemn the Muslim Brotherhood, even though most rebel groups support the MB, except Iran, whom America loathes; Egyptian blogger a free man; Kuwait bans another book; and an Israel protest in Amsterdam.
Liverpool squad
10:36 GMT
Liverpool (0-0-0) return to the UEFA Champions League for the first time in five years and Anfield is expected to be rocking for their first European night in far too long. However, the Reds are struggling to find their feet so far this season and this could be the match where they break out and get things truly kicked off.
Nadia being honored at the Alexandria International Film Festival. (Image:
09:50 GMT
Nadia al Jundi totes embarrassed herself at the Alexandria International Film Festival, thanks to the seriously revealing dress she was wearing!
Low approval ratings: Mahmoud Abbas proved unpopular after his reaction to the latest Israeli assault in Gaza (File/AFP)
09:49 GMT
A mere 10 percent of Gazans would vote for Mahmoud Abbas if elections were held, according to a recent poll Tuesday.
Lady Gaga on her Dubai adventure (Image: Facebook).
09:49 GMT
The outrageous diva took our region by storm, and now she's hoping her next big gig will be in outer space with David Bowie.
There are currently 1.6 million refugees in Lebanon, with 1.2 million registered with the UNHCR (File/AFP)
09:38 GMT
Lebanon will need up to $1 billion to cope with the mass influx of Syrian refugees in the country, according to a government official.
Three is the magic number: Pascale's son is now 3! (Image: Facebook)
09:27 GMT
Pascale Machalani beamed as she celebrated her son's birthday!
Didier Francois was freed by IS terrorists earlier this year (File/Getty/AFP)
09:10 GMT
Didier Francois, the French journalist who was released by his Islamic State captors revealed that the likes of James Foley and David Haines had no idea they were about to be beheaded.